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Speak infront of an audience in Virtual Reality with feedback of professional VR coaches to become a great public speaker!

Virtual Reality


Individual training

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1 hour


Take your public speaking skills to the next level. 

How should you enter the stage?

How do you conquer the room?

Why not to look above the audience?

These questions will be trained together with your speech by our outstanding public speaking coaches.

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Virtual Reality


Individual training

Your slides

6 hours


Virtual Reality


Individual training

Your slides

10 hours




Train on our advanced Virtual Reality stage

Overcome your fears in a realistic environment

Receive feedback from our professional coaches

Load PDF Slides into the journey

Use neurofeedback to maximize your conzentration

Get our premium public speaking certificate

Become your own superstar!

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3. Train your skills!

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At the end of 2017 we had the vision to create the best public speaking solution in VR. Feel free to share your ideas and opinions about that topic and get in touch!

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