Do you want to rock the stage with your performance? 

Provide a stirring wedding speech?

Win at any job interview?

Simply be the boss?

Brave Yourself!


How does BraveYourself work? 




1. Buy a VR headset for your mobile phone

to transform your smartphone into a VR-Headset. You simply need an adapter, called “Cardboard”. We recommend the following:

Destek V4 VR Brille

2.  Download our app

Download the BraveYourself Speaking App:

Android Store

Apple Store

3.  Improve your skills

Get the app started and let’s go!

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Fascinate your audience!

Fascinate your audience!

Fascinate your audience!

Our Partners

The most powerful tool to achieve your inner goals is communication. Communication with yourself through mindfulness and meditation, as well as communication with others in order to establish win-win-situations.

We can only save the world together!

In BraveYourself VR you’re able to improve this very skill, while giving a speech on our virtual stage.

You’re also establishing your self confidence and the essential inner safety, while overcoming your public speaking anxiety, all at once.

 VR is the playful part, which allows you to enjoy it much more!

Why should you “train your discours” with BraveYourself?

Train in safe surroundings on our virtual reality stage - wherever and whenever you want!

Overcome your fears with an anonymous step-by-step training

Receive professional feedback by the BraveYourself Community - even with a private coach by request

Share your speeches in an online livestream with your friends, to obtain even more feedback

What are your benefits? And what do you gain by using the BraveYourself app?

Offer your students and clients a possibility to continue their training after the lesson

Become a VR-speaker and advertise your lessons/ courses with your own performance

Contact us and obtain course content tailored to your training

Take qualificational samples of your students, in form of simple 1-minute-speech-performances

Benefits for Speaking Coaches

About us!

We had a vision at the end of 2017, to create the best public speaking training software for virtual reality. 

Our idea developed in a small coworking space in Amsterdam, during a traineeship abroad in the Netherlands. While Kathrin polished her Business Development skills in the garage around the corner at "Lepaya", Max was jumping from start-up-scene to start-up-scene, until he found the “VR Base” - nowadays “XR Base” - in the middle of Marineterrain, the heart of Amsterdam.

After our first experiences we pitched our start-up back in Munich and suddenly we received our first trainee application.

Throughout the months we tested a diversity of different VR platforms, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go and Cardboard.

In the meantime our team of kindred-spirits

grew to a total seven people.

Nowadays we agree, that every single person should get the opportunity and the tools - especially the BraveYourself public speaking training - to overcome their public speaking anxiety and reach their personal goals. 

Coaches and BraveYourself are on the same page: 

Communication is the key factor to success.

Communication with yourself - in the form of meditation and visualization and Communication with the environment - in the form of stage performances and conversations.


Please feel free to share your opinion on the matter and contact us!

Improve your communication skills today in a safe environment!

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